Sunday, June 30, 2019


9 x 12 inches, watercolor, 2019
original painting $318
framed original painting $450

I hope this painting speaks for itself, but my relationship with the boat is another story.  I started to build her a few years back when we lived in Mocksville.  I bought a whole tree of pine lumber, took two years to build a boat shed and read lots of boat-building books, purchased a beautifully hand-drawn set of plans, made all the molds for the hull, and read nearly all of the Aubrey/Maturin Novels.  But oh! and alas, I was interrupted by the recession of 2008.  That part's definitely sad, but I don't regret a minute of it, and to this day I believe she's a very beautiful boat, and I still have the molds, moldering in the garage, teasing me to finish.  Wasted time you say?  Wasted expense? Come about, there!  By means of that enterprise, I met some wonderful like-minded folk, and had a great time.  Corner me sometime, and I'll tell you many a salty tale about it, involving sailors and sailing, good friends and good crafting.  Yarrr!  

The boat is a gaff-rigged six-meter canoe yawl, named "Eun Na Mara" (Scottish Gaelic for "Bird of the Sea"), and designed by Iain Oughtred.  The painting will be on exhibit in a show & sale called "Loving Boats", at Cape Fear Artists Gallery, 555 Castle Street, Wilmington, NC, from Friday, July 5th through Saturday, July 27th, 2019.